Mozambique Music Meeting 2019


MMM Festival


Where will the festival take place?
The Mozambique music meeting will take place in the capital city of Mozambique, Maputo on the following dates: 04-08 December 2019.

Who will perform at the festival?
There will be a range of SADC and Lusophone  artists performing at the event.

Where can I see the timetable of the event?
The event timetable will be available online closer to the date.

When will the artists be announced?
The artists showcasing at the festival will be announced on 01 August 2019.

Where can I buy tickets for the event?
Tickets and venue details to be announced soon.

Is it possible to refund tickets?
No. A refund is only possible if the festival is cancelled due to the fault of the organisers.

Will there be food and drinks for sale at the event?

Where can I buy MMM merchandise and products?
These will be available for sale during the event at the various locations.

Can I make suggestions of comments about the event?
Yes you can. We would love to hear from you. Please get in contact with us via email:

MMM Festival


Can young music bands take part in the festival?
Yes they can, and we encourage it. Please see the artist application page for more details.

I am an artist, how can I participate at the MMM Festival 2019?
You will need to submit an application to participate at the Mozambique Music Meeting. Please see the artist application page for more details.

I am having some issues with the application process. Who can I contact?
Please see the artist application page for more details.

MMM Festival


Where can I register as a Delegate?
Please send us an email to:

MMM Festival


Where can i get promo materials of the festival?
Promotional materials will be made available online. However, if there is something specific that you require, please send an email to: media(at)