MMM Festival


MMM Festival


MMM – Mozambique Music Meeting is the first SHOWCASE Festival in Mozambique. An annual event that aims to boost the dissemination and promotion of Mozambican, Regional and Lusophone music in particular and arts and culture in general.

Mozambique Music Meeting (MMM Festival) is a Festival and a Music Market simultaneously, incorporating other elements of Mozambique culture: it aims celebrate cultural diversity through music, dance, fine arts, photography, food, and crafts.

This initiative not only aims to put Mozambique on the Map of World cultural events but also to promote African music, local artists, stimulate and raise the level of quality of regional musicians, as well as to attract an international audience promoting tourism and the image of Mozambique abroad.

Why is MMM different?


The concept of a Festival/Showcase/Music Market is widely used in various parts of the world with great success. Its impact is immediate as it exposes and connects the local artists to a wide network of global music decision makers. A group of important professionals from the international music industry, ranging from festival directors, programmers, agents, bookers and specialized media will be invited to participate in the event and will be attending all performances/showcases.

The artists have this unique opportunity to perform for these group of important personalities of the internationally music industry. Also, the local artists (selected for a showcase or not), can meet these professionals in person during the dedicated sessions of speed meetings. These professionals will offer their expertise during several conference sessions and will moderate panels for the discussion of important issues regarding all aspects of the music industry.

Mozzambique Music Meeting


The Mozambique Music Meeting has the overall objective to be a decisive tool for cultural and tourism development in Mozambique.

Its main objectives are:

  • To preserve Mozambique’s cultural heritage
  • To promote Mozambican music and artists
  • To create an instant bridge to export Mozambican artists to the world;
  • To promote cultural diversity as a factor of social stability;
  • To promote Mozambique as a tourist destination;
  • To promote Mozambique’s image abroad.

Its secondary objectives are:

  • To promote local small businesses within the music industry;
  • To create temporary employment;
  • To contribute to a significant increase in quality and projection of all forms of cultural expression in Mozambique.
An important part of the Festival


These carefully selected high-profile professionals can take your act to the next level: reaching international stages, signing with a major record label, hook you to an international booking agent, manager, PR etc.

The delegates present at the Mozambique Music Meeting all represent recognized organizations and are connected to a very large network of music professionals.

Selected showcasing artists will be able to interact with all delegates during the MMM Festival though concerts, conferences, workshops, one-to-one speed-meetings and after-parties and informal occasions.

The delegates at the MMM 2017 included:

  • Christoph Borkowsky (GERMANY) – WOMEX & Piranha Arts
  • Christine Semba (GERMANY) – WOMEX
  • Fernando de Sousa (PORTUGAL) – Foundation Casa da Musica
  • Carlos Seixas (PORTUGAL) – FMM Sines
  • Lu Araujo (BRAZIL) – MIMO Festival
  • Vitor Belho (SPAIN) – Nordesia Producciones
  • Paula Henderson (UNITED KINGDOM) – WOMAD
  • Simon Broughton (UNITED KINGDOM) – SONGLINES Magazine
  • Alfredo Caxaj (CANADA) – Sunfest
  • Frank Bolder (THE NETHERLANDS) – North Sea Jazz Festival
  • Patrick de Groote (BELGIUM) – Sfinks Festival
  • Brahim El Mazned (MOROCCO) – Visa For Music
  • Jose da Silva (CAPE VERDE/FRANCE) – Kriol Jazz Festival AME/Lusafrica
  • Mamou Daffe (MALI) – Festival Sur du Niger
  • Hilde Bjorkum (NORWAY) – Førde Festival
  • Yusuf Mahmoud (ZANZIBAR) – Sauti Sa Busara
  • Carlos Bartilotti (PORTUGAL) – MIMO Portugal
  • Giorgio Varas (CHILE) – WOMAD Santiago do Chile
  • Peter Tladi (SOUTH AFRICA) – Joy of Jazz
  • Jose Lui­s Cruz (MEXICO) – Ollin Kan Festival
  • Chris Syren (SOUTH AFRICA)
  • Paula Abreu (USA) – City Parks Foundation / SummerStage
  • Monica Cosas (BRAZIL) – MC Producoes
  • Brad Holmes (SOUTH AFRICA) – BassLine
  • Jiggs Thorne (SWAZILAND) – Bushfire
  • Oliver Belopeta (MACEDONIA) – Skopje Jazz Festival
  • Jess White (AUSTRALIA/MOZAMBIQUE) – Akum Agency
  • Luis Moreira (MOZAMBIQUE) – Maningue Productions
  • Joni Schwalbach (MOZAMBIQUE) – Maningue Productions/Ekaya Productions
  • Amanda Jones (UNITED KINGDOM) – Real World Records
  • Bogdan Benigar (SLOVENIA) – Ljubljana Jazz Festival
  • Rashid Lombard (SOUTH AFRICA) – Jazz Festival
  • Lui­s Viegas (PORTUGAL) – Ao Sul do Mundo
  • Felicia Silva (PORTUGAL) – Ao Sul do Mundo
  • Keri Perkins (UNITED KINGDOM) – Nando’s
  • Thibaut Mullings (FRANCE) – IDOL
  • Litho Sithoe (MOZAMBIQUE) – Litho Stage Design
  • Beatrice Akakpo (FRANCE) – Zone Franche
  • Shabani Ramadhani Hamissi (TANZANIA) – Marahaba Swahili Music Festival
  • Rui Tadeu (MOZAMBIQUE) – Nucleo de Arte
  • Paulo Chibanga (MOZAMBIQUE) – Azgo Festival
  • Sphe Mbhele (SOUTH AFRICA) – KZN Music Imbizo
Music production and cultural promotion

Maningue Productions

MOZAMBIQUE MUSIC MEETING (MMM) is an initiative of Maningue Productions, a partnership established between two Mozambican organizations with great history, Ekaya Productions and Conga Produçoes, which have been playing quite a relevant role, for more than 20 years, in the cultural development in Mozambique through music production and cultural promotion.

From promotion events to big music concerts, from studio production to artist management, we have it covered.